Delusion invites District 66

Delusion invites two crews from different cities bringing their sound into our base.

District 66 is a record label from Hamburg, featuring big names like Arnaud Le Texier, Markus Suckut or Progression UK and recently having an own night at the already legendary club PAL.
The label owners CLARK DAVIS and MARKUS SCHWARZ are going to showcase this night to represent their uncompromising, stomping sound, clearly affected by the US’ most influenced techno cities Detroit, New York and Chicago.

Second guests of the night will be OBJECTION from Mannheim, who convinced by releases on Contrast-R, Subcircles and of course their own imprint Distorted Perception.
Playing live for years, the duo recently evolves their very own sound by reducing structures, finding new harmonies and fully concentrating on a driving vibe on the dancefloor.

District 66
District 66
Distorted Perception