Es wird wieder stürmisch auf der Treue, wir bekommen Besuch aus Berlin und Freunde aus Bremen gesellen sich zu uns. Lasst uns gemeinsam durch die Nacht treiben.


Wallace & Wonker was found by two young musicians. What they have in common? – The big passion for music.

The merging of their sounds which also have strong parallels is an attraction of two poles. One ist characterized by hard basslines and forward pushing rides. The other is a symbiosis of melody and progressiveness. Both harmonise so well with each other that sometimes the audience gets driven crazy.

With their unique sound they quickly took part in the berlin techno-scene. They played in Clubs like „Chalet“, „Griessmuehle“, „Yaam“, „Humboldthain“ and many more.
Together with their teams of „Bipølar.“ and „Keep The Bass Going“ they regularly organize events in and outside of Berlin.
Recently they were heard in Allgäu and in the future many things are planned.
Wallace & Wonker will also be heard at the holy Second Horizon Festival this year.

Bipølar | Berlin
BBT, MST | Bremen
Green Beat Elite | Bremen
MST | Bremen
Minimal Listig | Bremen